Animal Facility

  • Accredited for short-term experiments in small rodents (mice, rats)


  • 1 holding room for the animals (max. 200 mice or 150 rats or combination)
  • 1 holding room dedicated to the genetically modified (GM) animals with the same maximum capacity
  • 3. – 7. room: laboratories (experiments) + utility rooms (store, washroom, connection corridor)

Persons in charge

  • Operation of the animal facility including its GMO section is secured and supervised by Ludmila Jandová, MSc., a fully qualified zootechnician. Depending on her spare capacity, she may be also asked to assist the researchers with the experiments, especially in terms of teaching them proper animal-handling techniques.
  • Administration issues (Project Proposals) and contact with the regulatory bodies: Lenka Maletínská, Ph.D.
  • Veterinary supervision and accreditation: Jan Honetschlager, DVM.

Typical experiments
  • collection of body fluids and organs, collection of tissue for in vitro experiments, pharmacokinetics, short-term functional studies