Cell culture

Tissue culture service laboratory 

Tissue culture laboratory serves for cultivation and propagation of cell lines and primary cells, which are subsequently used for experimental purposes. Laboratory is run under aseptic conditions and is only accessible to the trained employees of the Biochemical Pharmacology group. The entrance of third parties is strictly prohibited except for individual cases of previously agreed training in aseptic techniques under the supervision of our employee. We organize tissue culture workshops for IOCB employees every other year.


Preparation of desired cells in desired format (see Cell Culture Form)

• Supplies of buffy coats from human donor blood and PBMC isolation (for repeated experiments we will teach you the isolation technique).

Testing of your samples for Mycoplasma with the use of MycoAlert® kit (Lonza). PCR confirmation is performed if the results are ambiguous. Sample preparation guidelines can be found here.

• (Coming soon) Isolation and cultivation of primary cardiomyocytes and neuronal cells from neonatal rats.


Helena Mertlíková Kaiserová (organization issues, primary cultures, other specific requests)

Karolína Müllerová (requests on the layout of requested cells)

Alexandra Dvořáková (Mycoplasma screening, information on the available plasticware, media etc.)

Alžbeta Magdolenová (PBMC)