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Biochemical Pharmacology

Helena Mertlíková-Kaiserová Group
Core Facility
BIO cluster

About our group

Biochemical Pharmacology is a research-service group aiming to promote drug discovery programs for the original compounds synthesized at IOCB. The team maintains close cooperation with medicinal chemistry but also biology-oriented research groups (e.g. structural biology). We heavily rely on cellular models, sometimes modified by means of molecular biology methods, but we also employ conventional in vitro assays commonly used in biochemistry and pharmacology (e.g. enzyme inhibition or receptor-binding assays). We follow modern trends and we implement them in the portfolio of our methods (iPSC-derived cells, 3D cultures etc.). We also provide short, comprehensive courses for our colleagues at IOCB in the areas of our expertise.

We provide services and user support in these areas:

•    Flow Cytometry and Cell Service
•    Method development/Screening
•    ADME/Tox characterization of the compounds
•    Experimental Animal Facility